RECORD OF THE WEEK: Midland - Final Credits EP [ReGraded]

‘Final Credits’ is the third EP to be delivered out of Midland’s disco oriented sub-label ReGraded and comes from the main man himself. On the A-side, ‘Final Credits’ is a song so damn sexy it may already lay claim to the title ‘track of the summer.’ Over the top of a relatively straightforward drumbeat, the song progresses with a distinctively high-pitched trumpet-like sound that I’m not really able to describe (listen and you’ll understand). Nonetheless, eventually it develops into a catchy melody that would have been enough for any decent record. However, being the brilliant producer that he is, Midland takes it to a new level with the irresistible vocals he introduces at the halfway point. Not only do they complement the other sounds perfectly, but listen carefully enough and you’ll hear they also reveal the song’s purpose: that of being the night’s final track, hence the name ‘Final Credits’. There aren’t many songs like it, which is probably why I’ve had it on repeat for the last few weeks. Be sure to give it a proper listen.

The B-side’s not bad either. ‘Vigilante’ is a more atmospheric track but equally as impressive in its own right. Along with some authentic sounding percussion, the song winds up and down with a few long, rolling chords, giving it a slightly mysterious tone. In many respects, it’s the perfect way to complement such a killer A-side. All in all, Midland has delivered the goods once again.


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Words by Hugo