RECORD OF THE WEEK: Project Pablo - Beaubien Dream EP [SOBO]

I have picked him before and no doubt I will pick him again. After strong releases on 1080p and Church, Project Pablo aka (Patrick Holland) is back with Beaunien Dream. The title of the EP refers to Montreal's Beaubien Ouest neighborhood, where Patrick Holland lives.

Released on the 3rd of June and sold out later that afternoon, this is an EP that you will not be able to escape this summer. With sun-soaked, dreamy afternoons in mind, Project Pablo lays down some of his distinctive synth tones and signature drum patterns, led on this one predominantly by some very catchy cowbells.

Closer fills, Side-A in full, and is like taking a journey down a lazy river, which you wish, will never come to an end. The B- side slows things down to an early evening sway without changing the atmosphere.

This EP is like a ball of happiness... buy it!

Coming to a rooftop near you…


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Words by Ed R