MIX OF THE MOMENT: Beats In Space #829 with Mano Le Tough

Beats In Space has always been known to throw down some beautiful mixes. Tim Sweeney has now had his show running for a staggering fifteen years, yet the quality always remains – the sole reason for its longevity. This mix in particular though has struck a chord with us, and it is Irishman, Mano Le Tough who is responsible. Lawrence, Suzanne Kraft and Phil Kieran star in the phenomenal track list. His selections are perfectly built around one idea that is constant throughout the mix. Profound, yet light, energetic and relaxed all at the same time, it is a master set for the radio. He weaves in and out of these feelings with tracks that are so interesting and engaging you yearn for it to be longer.

As expected, his mixing is flawless, however here he takes it to another level with some of the transitions being 2 to 3 minutes long, with some pretty complex instrumentals to think about. Check out the break between Kraft’s ‘DJ Safety Track’ and Soul Capsule at 43 minutes. On top of it being a characteristically lengthy changeover, the introduction of the swoony, dreamlike ‘Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)’ is just a delight. Mano Le Tough has showed us a slightly more mature side of his taste with this mix and though it is a surprise, it is a very, very good one. To have the element of surprise and pull it off is something only the very best can do!

Mano Le Tough:
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Words by Ben S