RECORD OF THE WEEK: DJ Sotofett & SVN - Current 82 / Dark Plan 5 [Keys Of Life]

It's been 5 years since Keys of Life's last 12" proper, but boy is this new one worth the wait. The legendary DJ Sotofett, of Sex Tags fame, and SVN, a core member of the exciting SUED crew, each contribute an extended dancefloor epic to what is quickly becoming one of my favourite records of the year so far.

Sotofett takes the A side and provides the undoubted highlight of the two. He chops up an almost dainty break on top of a slow 4/4 kick whilst a simple 3-note bassline provides the groove. The real showstopper is the soaring pads which hit that beautiful grey area between bliss and melancholia, and are guaranteed to soundtrack many an ECHITA (eyes-closed-hands-in-the-air) moment this summer.

The B side finds SVN on a more meditative tip, albeit at a higher tempo than Sotofett. Moody pads and sparse percussion are the order of the day, with very little high end frequency presence at all. This one's for the dark, heads-down clubs.


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Words by Matt J