RECORD OF THE WEEK: Clavis - Cydalise [Freerange Records]

June 2016 marks the 20th Anniversary for Freerange Records. Run by Jamie Odell (Jimpster) and Tom Roberts, Freerange has seen the likes of House music titans Detroit Swindle, Manuel Tur, Shur-I-Khan, Stimming and of course, Jimpster, pass through its doors. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve put together a 20 track box set showcasing exclusive new music from Freerange rookies and veterans.

Enter Clavis – the collaboration between German producers Manuel Tur and Adrian Hoffman who are fresh off the back of a recent EP. Called “Alcine”, it’s a testament to their distinctly different, yet superbly complementary styles of production. The EP’s signature track, “Alcine”, is a combination of Hoffman’s chugging German techno and a rolling, multi-chord melody that is signature Tur. With productions like this, it’s no surprise Freerange chose their new track “Cydalise” to feature in their anniversary segment.

Showcasing the quality of sound that Freerange has become synonymous with, “Cydalise” begins with a beautiful, groovy xylophone melody that floats over a classic deep house rhythm and an almost “rain-stick-esque” kick. With the layering and production depth that epitomises Manuel Tur’s signature deep house and the wider quality of Freerange’s music as a whole, the song develops a warm, steady house synth that is glued together by a simple bassline that allows the other components of the song to flourish.

The song peaks in the build up to the 2nd breakdown, where the bass is removed and replaced by an almost Robert-Delong-esque manipulation of melody, and the maintenance of atmospheric background layers that would make Sigur Ros proud. The result is a busy, beautiful and swirling cacophony of sounds that produce an ethereal atmosphere. The 2nd breakdown arrives triumphantly as the layers all piece back together, resulting in a powerful 3am track designed to take the crowd to its apogee and carry them home until sunrise. Happy 20th Anniversary Freerange Records! Keep ‘em coming. 


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Listen to the full '20 Years of Freerange' LP below

Words by Nick D