Premiere: Christian Smith & 2pole - Snake (Jam El Mar Remix) [Tronic]

Tronic needs no introduction for those who have followed dance music for the last 20 or so years. Since its inception back in 1994, Christian Smith has founded a label that constantly delivers top techno tracks year after year. Not only does he run the label, but also has his long-standing Tronic radio show, which is syndicated in more than over 100 countries worldwide.

Known and loved for its albums, Tronic released the very first of its kind with a collaboration only project in 2017 with Synergy and we’re premiering our highlight from the remix pack.  

Acid and breakbeat are coming back, and that can be heard in Jam El Mar’s remix. Jam El Mar, the only artist on the release to have released on Tronic before, drops a snapping acid line, thick kick and has a massive pad engulfing the mix, this is a big room techno anthem with a hint of trance. 


Earliest musical influences?

Maybe the most important musical influence was when I first heard Jimi Hendrix’s 'Voodoo Child' and the b-side 'All Along The Watchtower’. It was a five inch single and ended up looking like a spiral, from the amount of plays it got on my turntable.

This release was the ignition to become a guitarist and a musician. When Henrix played his hi-gain sounds it has the same intensity and expression similar to that of todays techno music, I think anyway. HIs guitar didn’t sound like a guitar, and more like an electrical thunderstorm.

Jam El Mar

Jam El Mar

Later when I discovered electronic music, it was mainly Tangerine Dream that has been a strong influence and Klaus Schulze. They had this intense atmosphere that you can maybe hear on some of my older productions that I did. When I heard the early R&S Records like 'Energy Flash', ‘Metasm' and 'Acid Phase' - I was set on fire with inspiration, and still am today.

Ideal setting to listen to this?

Most likely a main room techno party dance floor, with a top notch sound system, sweat dripping from the walls and a comet passing by. LOL. I simply love high energy moments in contrast to deep vibes in a perfect flow. ‘Snake’ has these changes from major to minor that give it a certain intensity together with that sizzling tone building up throughout.

File it next to?

‘Snake’ sits next to my collection amongst other atmospheric tracks like ‘Sooth’ also by 2Pole or ‘Premonitions’ by Saturn Storm, not forgetting Charlotte de Witte’s ‘The Healer’.

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