Record of the Week: Tunnelvisions - Ritual II [Atomnation]

Dutch duo Tunnelvisions have been quietly churning out beautiful, imaginative and genre-defying music for a couple of years now. Sitting somewhere between ambient techno and deep house, their music is distinctly psychedelic, with audible influences from South America, the Caribbean and Africa, but also clearly rooted in the incredibly strong electronic music scene Amsterdam is host to. Part two of Tunnelvision’s Ritual series on the fantastic label Atomnation, this EP comprises of three tracks- the full EP is released on the 15th June, but the pair put out a taster track, 'Rafaka’s Song', ahead of time, and it’s an absolute beauty. Muted, succinct, techno drums, with a slow building disco melody over the top, the track is simultaneously uplifting and strangely dark. An addictive siren call ebbs and flows around the ethereal vocal sample, and the whole thing is brought down by gravely, moody synths. It is layered, textured, undulating, at no point does it become predictable. A moreish and groovy track that is both euphoric and devilishly gritty,' Rafaka’s Song' is a promising omen for the rest of the EP, which is out today. Get listening.

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Words: Dora