Premiere: Pablo Color - Interstellar [Ish Records]

Zurich based Ish Records return with a 7“ featuring local artists Pablo Color and Berlin Lama. Both artists released their debut albums earlier in the year on the label and here we see them reinterpret a track from the others album.

In the labels words, “our mariachi from the woods of the good ol' days Pablo Color blessed us with one more song before winter is taking over. His rendition of Berlin Lama's ‘Interstellar’ is leaving the summer and us with a blissful feeling as we are carelessly slurping our mojito, arguing that David Pajo couldn't possibly have joined Sly Stone on a late machine ride out in the studio. Berlin Lama on the other side took ‘Parasol 2pm’ down memory lane called George Duke Avenue, stopped on the corner to Roy Ayers Street to jazz over a rolled arpeggio, arguing whether to report Donald's bird or not. We are really just thundercatting this one.”

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