Premiere: Joyce Muniz - Morning Stories [Gruuv]

Joyce Muniz joins the roster of Audiojack’s Gruuv imprint this week with her ’39 Degrees’ EP, backed with a remix from Bushwacka.

Brazilian, Austria-based producer and DJ Joyce Muniz has been releasing her contemporary twist on classic house sounds since 2006, regularly on Shir Khan’s Exploited imprint as well as the likes of DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo, 20/20 Vision and Culprit amongst others.

Kicking off the EP is the original mix of ‘Get ‘Em’, fuelled by a bumpy drum workout, choppy bass hits and vintage string stabs whilst the hooky vocals and sporadic atmospheric fillers further fuel the groove. ‘Morning Stories’ follows, this time round laying focus on a pulsating low-end drive and off-kilter, ethereal stab sequences as organic percussive hits wander amongst the composition.

The third and final original from Joyce is up next, title-track ’39 Degrees’, taking a more groove- led approach via modulating drums, subtly blooming chord lines and unfolding atmospherics. Bushwacka steps up to close the package next with his take on ‘Get ‘Em’, bringing robust, shuffled drums into the limelight alongside fluttering chords and classic dub stabs, stirring in the original’s vocal throughout to keep things moving.


Earliest musical influences?

Since I was a child, my influences came first from my mother who is a huge Bossa Nova fan. My family are musical and we have a lot of percussionists, that no doubt inspired me throughout my childhood. When I grew up and started to go out in Austria as a teenager, that’s where I found my first love - Drum n’ Bass. Drum ‘n’ Bass was also what made me start DJing.


The ideal setting to listen to this? 

The name ‘Morning Stories’ says a lot in itself as to where and when you should listen to this track. I think it’s a nice early morning beat, for when the sun is rising on the dance floor at a festival or club and you can feel the energy of the new day. It’s also a great track to be in the car driving down the coast to, maybe in your convertible with the roof down, feeling the ocean breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin.


File it next to? 

Hmmm well I think if a fan would ask me this, then it should go almost on its own, or next to all your other Joyce Muniz records are! Ha. But no, seriously I think this should be somewhere in-between the old school deep house is kept. This record has a lot of old school vibes in it.

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