OLD'n'GOLD: Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer - New York Chronicles Vol.1 [Ibadan Records]

Repress alert! Jerome Sydenham’s Ibadan records release a remastered version of the huge New York Chronicles Volume 1, featuring arguably Ferrer & Sydenham's best work together.

I’ll cut to the chase; 'Son Of Raw,' which was originally released as a single sided, “radio use only” promo in 2005 and was “dedicated to Kerri Chandler,” is in my opinion what Detroit groove stands for.

Having first seen the damage this dancefloor bomb can do in Move D & Optimo’s 3 hour destruction of Boiler Room Berlin a few years ago, I’m still feeling the force… Every time. This is a top draw slice of raw, stripped back deep house that oozes groove. It’s got the whole package, 10/10, the dogs bollocks. The deep, moody bassline flirts endlessly with those incredibly slick, jazzy keys and a monster vocal loop at the end of the track to crown this underground gem. A timeless classic and a must for any house music fan - All together now; "You don't know...You don't know…You don’t know."

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Words by Ed W-C