RECORD OF THE WEEK: Krywald & Farrer - Persie Edits 001

The Record of the Week this time comes in the form of a double-sided white label single release. The label is a brand new project from London party promoters Percolate resident's, Krywald & Farrer and is called ‘Persie Edits'. A year and a half in the making, the thoughts behind the label were to relick and touch up some old classics enabling them to be club ready or "Beefed up, pared-down and dangerous". 

Side A is an edit of St. Germain's ' Thank you Mum'. It's been sped up, shaken down and punches crystal clear through your speaker box, knocking four minutes off the original. There is a soothing build up of sleazy harmonica sounds, an eerie vocal muttering 'Mummaaa', before a brief pause that emphasises the vivacious drop. What follows is an infectious, rolling bass line littered with crisp hi hats and drawling vocal stampings. The harmonica remains present throughout to create a deliciously lazy effect that makes us feel like we are on an old Western movie set as we bounce. Already acquiring support from the likes of heavyweight, Move D this is guaranteed dancefloor fire and an exciting debut from the label. Flipping over to the B we have Gwen Macrae's shrill voice coaxing and cuddling us through a bounding, and super energised disco cut. 'Winner's Together' is delightful, laden with plenty of percussion and a seductive sax breakdown to have you reaching for the stars towards the end of the night. After a release on 30th August, with only 300 copies pressed they have already sold out over at bandcamp but if you are quick off the mark, record stores such as Rough Trade & DEEJAY may have a few left this coming week. Hold tight for PERSIES002 incoming next month!


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Words by Oli