REVIEW: Kobosil - RK2 [RK]

It’s fair to say Max Kobosil has established himself as a prominent figure in the Berlin Techno scene, especially after the release of his debut Album, We Grow, You Decline which YoungOnes covered earlier this year. 

He first released on Ostgut Ton in 2013, with successive releases on his own label, RK and Ostgut Ton’s sublabel, Unterton. His attitude towards DJ and club culture has led him to acquire a deep commitment towards developing his own distinctive sound in his production, which truly reflects what he’s about as an artist. Not only this, but his approach to performance, his loyalty to the Ostgut Ton/ Berghain family, the Berlin scene, and the selectiveness of his artistic platforms, make him an especially intriguing up and coming figure within the scene. I hope not to overstep the mark, but I’d say the seriousness of his persona is reflected in the intensity of his music. 

RK2 is Kobosil’s 3rd Release this year, but take note, the cataloguing of the releases on RK defy the ordinary numbering system.

‘Haima’ is a dark ambient track. The distorted echoes here gradually build towards some nullifying extraterrestrial realm. This emulates Max’s non-dancefloor orientated artistic output, as present on his album. 

‘Die Schwellen’ lies somewhere between industrial and hypnotic techno: it’s shear power and will require a big system for the kick to take full effect. The rattling mechanical highs and snares induce a sense of agitation, and Kobosil’s distinctive eeriness is captured through sinister synths chords, echoes and stabbing groans. 

‘Lyse’ is made of more power: a dark, cathartic club driver. Its intensity is held in machine like screeches, hisses and otherwordly groans. These atmospheric elements of the track make it more than just an intense club track, but a piece of music that penetrates into the psyche and allows the listener or the club-goer to access those disturbing thoughts we all keep suppressed within the subconscious. There’s definitely one place where the full of effect of this track should be experienced.

Dread is so equivocal of Kobosil. Within the Berlin scene, out of all the artists emulating the city’s raw & dark sound, I haven’t yet come across another artist who captures such fearsome dread so emotively as Kobosil does. It’s what he’s becoming known for – though it’s important Max keeps refining it in away in which it doesn’t become stale, yet retains its distinctive flavor… yet, isn’t this the task of all artists?

The EP ends with my favorite track, ‘Kienitz’. It’s an upbeat energy builder, where tape hiss crackles and croaks are layered with rattling highs and stabbey kicks. This track is a mysterious rallying call for the crowd to follow the DJ into a raw psychic journey. 

It’s exciting to see such a young artist embarking on a sincere journey, through which he’s humbly creating his own legacy. Get to know Kobosil more here, in his Truancy interview done earlier this year. 


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Words by Fred