My pick this week comes from Mr BC on the Madrid based Logical Records label. Logical have only recently burst onto the scene and Mr BC’s record and remixes this week encapsulate a real range acid and cosmic influences.

Mr BC, who harks from Leeds, is just breaking onto the scene like many of his ‘Chugging’ compatriots, and delivers a stormer in the form of the ‘Protagonist’ and its remixes this week.

Mr BC’s original is a real builder It’s a subtle chugging sound synthesised with hints of cosmic influences. The song starts off like a murmur you heard in the next-door room that slowly increases over the course of 6 minutes crescendo-ing in the middle in a storm of guitar and percussion, then returning to its original murmur.

Logical Records boss Ivan de La Rouch provides the first remix which has a heavy acid influence at a slower pace. This corresponds with the energizing touch of the percussion and guitar. 

The second remix of the record is done by Duncan Gray, the King of Tici Taci records, who remixes ‘Protagonist’ with a heavier base line and a much slower chugging sound. One thing to take from Duncan Gray’s remix is the variety of instruments and sounds used in the production. These days it is quite refreshing seeing electronic records produced that use instruments outside of the Logic Pro application.

Finally Damon Jee’s remix provides more consistency, without breaks and its acid and cosmic influences are subtler. The track is a lot smoother compared to others on the record. Sliding along at 110 bpm it is complemented with a real mouthful of bass and weighty synthesisers.

I highly recommend nabbing this lean mean chugging machine when you get a second, well worth the price.


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Words by Jack