PREMIERE: Geddes - FingersAndHands [20/20 Editions]

For the fourth instalment of Ralph Lawson's brand new Editions sub-label to his renowned 20/20 Vision Recordings theywelcome London stalwart Geddes with his Understand EP, which comes complete with a remix from Huxley.

Among those ahead of the game when it came to the decline of the super club and the dawn of a new era of raves in warehouses, Geddes became an integral cog in the evolution of a thriving underground with his now legendary party Mulletover. The last 10 years have seen him play in almost every notable club across the world and release on some of the biggest labels in the game.

Understand EP is filled with the trademark grooves, and subtle yet devastatingly effective melodies, that Geddes has become renowned for over the course of his career. Driving drums, deep basslines and solid grooves characterise a release which is sure to set some main rooms on fire in the coming months. 

The EP is rounded off with a mega remix from 20/20 favourite Huxley, who channels the spirit of deep house greats such as Mood II Swing for his reinterpretation of Understand. One word, bassline. 


Can you talk us through how you go about making your music - what is the creative process and what hardware/software do you use to make it on?

I always start by making a groove in Native Instruments Maschine, for me its hands down the best thing for making drums and ideas. I'll then move on to a bass sound and work with the drums and bass until I'm happy with the groove, it's worth spending the time on getting it right. From there I leave I'll play around on some of my synths, record some sounds and takes of me messing around, same goes with soft synths too I record everything even midi then go back through and see what works. That's the beauty of Ableton its so free and enables you to get a good work flow. Out board stuff I have Juno 106, Korg Monopoly, Nord Lead and (on loan) Jupiter 8.

This year being your tenth year as a producer; what notable differences are there to your approach in the studio since?

Having the confidence in my own abilities as a producer, it doesn't come easy I come from a DJ background it's taken me a long time to get to where I am.

How long did it take you to make this EP?

A couple of months I reckon? I'm continually going back to tracks to make them better. I find working in the studio for hours on end listening to the same loop leaves you a little disjointed after a while and unable to give accurate judgments on your work. Leaving it and coming back helps me a lot to get my tracks to where they need to be. 

Do you have a particular piece of kit in the studio you couldn't do without?

Would be Maschine

Geddes' Understand EP is out 23rd May.

1. Understand feat. Normski
2. Understand (Huxley Understands Deep Remix) 
3. FingersAndHands
4. Sapiens
5. Understand (Huxley Understand Jack Drum Tool) 


Words by Ben C