Old'n'Gold: Derek Carr - Destiny [For Those That Knoe]

Last week, the door bell rang and a circular parcel turned up at my doorstep - hand delivered by Brian, our local postman here in Bristol. I impatiently tore open the brown protective packaging and low & behold there she was - a beautiful, charcoal black piece of wax, pressed with one of the most subtle and delectable techno grooves I’ve heard in recent times.

It’s a rarity for me to enjoy the physical elements of electronica in this way. Practically and economically digital music is the most convenient way for me to listen and perform. Six years ago, when I started DJing, I learnt the basics on a pair of Technics, a trusty DJM 600 (still and always will be my favourite mixer ever) and a couple of dusty RAM DnB records. Despite embracing the technological advances of the scene since then, vinyl has always held a place in my heart. So, very occasionally, I buy myself a record to celebrate this. ‘Destiny’ by Derek Carr is one of those.

‘Destiny’ is a truly special piece of Detroit techno. Simplicity is at the heart of this. A 135 bmp roller that builds patiently - striking the perfect balance of groove and melody with it’s perfectly weighted kicks, snares and synth work. It is one of those records you could put on repeat and realise later three hours have suddenly gone by. Released originally in 2003 on Greek Records and repressed by For Those That Knoe earlier this year, Derek Carr has proved, as with all great pieces of music, that time is of no consequence. Hailing from Ireland, he’s been making music since the late 80’s. Keep an eye out for him, there's plenty more to come!

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Words by Chris