RECORD OF THE WEEK: Fuga Ronto - Journey Unknown [Phantom Island]

After a string of fantastically crafted EPs over the last two years since its inception, Zurich-based label Phantom Island returns after a slight lull in their output with a brilliant five-tracker from Fuga Ronto. This is a completely new project comprising two of the label's owners and best of friends, Ron Shiller and Foster. The results are fantastic and each track could stand equally on its own. Like most of the label's previous releases, the attention to detail is clear and you can just imagine the meticulous nature of the production procedure. The pick for me has got to be 'Journey Unknown', a heavily balearic and feel-good affair that strongly reminds me of some of Mark Barrott's work on International Feel. There's a slight clue in the title but the track is as carefree as it's made out and provides the perfect soundtrack to dream of those hazy summer days.


Listen to the full EP.

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Words by Tom G