Midland - Double Feature (ReGraded)

Apart from producing two remixes for AKASE and The Howling, Midland's been off the producing circle so far this year. However, he's back on ReGraded, a sub-label of his own imprint, Graded, which focuses mainly on sample-based, disco-tinged house music. 

On the A-side, lengthy stringed instrument movements overlay guitar sample work, which builds and builds for the duration of the track. Other instrumental sound-based play interjects throughout the track also. This is one for the disco heads.

Flip it over and you have the far more playful, hip-swinging, 'Stop (Don't Let The Beat).' Again the track builds for almost two and a half minutes before Midlands trademark deep-house drone comes in. Some might recall Aus Music's 2013 release, 'For (Yacht) Club Use Only' when listening to this track, although it is undeniable that Midland has changed his tune for sub-label, ReGraded. 

Overall a solid effort from the UK-based producer, he continues to impress year on year. 


Words by Matthew Barnett

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