RECORD OF THE WEEK: Unknown Artist - Legit Edits #2 (Philpot)

Unknown Artist - Legit Edits #2 (Philpot)

The mystery surrounding records released by 'unknown artists' has become more prominent of late. The artist seems to want the heads to ask around and solve the riddle surrounding the record - it's a sure-fire way to build up hype around a release. Philpot Records have done just that on their newest release, 'Legit Edits #2.' 

I'm normally useless at attempting to identify who made a song based on just the track alone, however, Philpot owner, Michel Baumann (holder of aliases 'Jackmate' and 'Soulphiction') hasn't made it difficult to discover his secret. 

The record has Soulphiction written all over it from sampling John Lucien's 'Rashida' to filling the A side with those soulful, uplifting, organ chords. If you like what you hear, then Legit Edits #3 was released at the start of the summer. 

The A side combines many different layers of percussion with a few different organ riffs and a sample that sounds, 'Don't let the troubles of this world get you down' and so on. It's an uplifting track for these overcast September evenings. 

On the flip side the 'unknown artist' adds a dubbed out bassline to Jon Lucien's 70s track 'Rashida' which is a song about unrequited love. Apart from chopping and changing a few parts of guitar work and vocal samples, the edit stays fairly loyal to the original track. This is more of a slow, broken-beat track that is certainly less suited to the dancefloor. 

Soulphiction has once again impressed me with his editing work, yet another record to add to his long standing case against Kenny Dixon Jr's belief that white guys can't make soul. Perhaps a bit more could have been done with the B-side.


Words by Matthew Barnett

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