Record of the Week: Leon Vynehall - 'Midnight on Rainbow Road' (Rush Hour Recordings)

Very few producers can make records like Leon Vynehall, a musical force to be reckoned with and one of our favourite producers to have emerged over the course of last two years. Take a minute to stop whatever it is you are doing, kick back and enjoy ‘Midnight on Rainbow Road’. A personal favourite, that spins us out to the cosmos and back on a climatic six minute tour de force. The soft building notes, guitar energy, spaced out samples and steadily growing percussion line make it a truly addictive listening experience. It was released exclusively on Rush Hour for Gerd Jansons second 'Musik for Autobahns' compilation three weeks ago.

Having listened to it numerous times it’s placement now seems entirely obvious. The sound of the motorway rush at the start and finish, as well as it's driving vitality make it the perfect kind of record to take you to a place elsewhere on those long enduring motorway journeys from a to b. If you like this we recommend checking out ‘Butterflies’ & ‘Time’ by Leon Vynehall released on Clone Royal Oak Records and K7 respectively.

YO looks forward to hearing what these fast descending winter months will bring to Leon's release catalogue for the remainder of this year.


Words by Chris Shenkman

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