The Emperor Machine - Love Lick (Nein Records)

The Emperor Machine seems to have done the double for our record of the week. Last week Ed raved about his remix of Flash Atkins's, 'Summer of Love' and this time he’s here to grace us with one of his own born. 

The tracks were released on Nein records, which is headed by producers, Tronik Youth and Jonah Considine. The label puts out analogue sounding, disco-tinged acid house (too much of a mouthful?) But who are we for genres anyway? The point is is that the put out brilliant music on a regular basis. 

On the A-side, 'Love Lick' is a slow, chugging house track that has a Sci-Fi feel about it. The downtempo sound of the track allows disco influences to prevail and synthy goodness links these elements up. The track keeps you hooked as it grows and builds over the eleven minute duration in an old-school progressive, almost punk, way.

Unfortunately Nein haven't posted the second track on Soundcloud, but you can here it on Beatport here.

Next is 'Sisco Seeker,' which is perhaps the grown up version of 'Love Lick,' the big brother if you will. Coming in at 108 bpm it still remains a relatively  slow chugger, but the strong analogue beats really power this track through with percussive elements featuring heavily also. The track has a strong disco influence but remains a relatively dark showing, as the Emperor stays loyal to Nein’s sound. 

This mesmerising powerhouse is a must for DJs looking to give the dancefloor an extra kick late into the night. 


Words by Barnaby Curran

Purchase: Digital