Richie Hawtin is one of the biggest names in the game and is hailed as a true icon of electronic production by the masses. He is currently one of the most prolific acts headlining shows left right and centre; he holds a residency at the legendary Space in Ibiza and also is running his label ‘M_Nus’. With over 20 years under his belt he has now officially brought back his alter-ego, Plastikman. This is very exciting news for fans and others all around intrigued to see what he’s got in store for the world this time round. Last year saw the release of his first Plastikman works for 10 years in an album entitled ‘Ex’. He recently played the first live performance under the alias at Sonar last week and it looked pretty incredible from pictures coming out.

Here’s a nice passage from one on-looker: “Coinciding with the setting of the sun, Richie Hawtin materialized within the crowd atop a raised table, not twenty feet away from the giant structure. Moments later, the curious emanations of Ex poured forth as the obelisk was illuminated with ethereal green tendrils. The audience stood captivated by the sight, not sure whether to watch Hawtin or the towering visual structure. As I took in the spectacle before me, it felt as though Plastikman had created a mythology.”

“This is really a visual representation of my struggle for the last 25 years. It’s man versus machine; it’s David and Goliath; it’s how far technology can take us as human beings, how it helps and expands us, how it can also hinder us.” – Richie Hawtin