Skream: 'Of Unsound Mind'

So Skream has a label! 'Of Unsound Mind' is its name and the first release is by an up and comer called Motions who has been featuring in 'Skreamizm' events of late. Our pick from the EP is the first track on the B-side entitled 'Fielded' which cries out memories of Skream's own track, 'Dutch Flowerz' with that eerie, melodic, high pitched synth.

With the closure of Skream's previous label 'Disfigured Dubz' back in November, now he can focus on a label leaning more towards the sounds that he is creating and also be inspired by.

"There isn’t a particular guideline as of yet, just stuff I’m really feeling and artists I feel people need to know about. For example I’m gonna be releasing tracks by a girl from Mumbai called Sandunes who I met at a show whilst I was out there. She’s great, her music is kind of ultra melodic UKG, she’s also someone I’m very very excited about!" - Skream

Of Unsound Mind 001 is out on wax and digitally on June 23rd

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