Ben S

Denis Sulta’s seminal winter track hit the clubs in Autumn and everyone went mental over it. It’s no surprise as record label Numbers were at the helm for the release; yet another banger from them. This track lulls you into a frenzy with its loopy hypnotic riff. Time and time again it plays yet you are forever wanting more. The breakdown and the killer hi hats that end it take this set changing tune to the next level. With with one of the catchiest tunes in some time, there was never any doubt this track had to be on YoungOnes top 5 for December.


Matt B

‘Lars Bartkun has many aliases that all relate to the many different genres of music that he makes. Under ‘Passion Dance Orchestra’ he has released tracks such as ‘Worlds’ and ‘Walking Through Circles.’ He’s also produced with his brother, Marek, as Bobjazz.

Lars has stepped back into dance music with ‘Music For the Golden Age’ on Neroli Records. Stamp The Wax premiered ‘Golden Age’ a few weeks ago but it’s also worth checking out the 'Cosmic Resonance' dub that comes out on the EP. The one we’re listening to is the ‘Full Experience’ version. Bartkuhn’s overall musicality is so starkly apparent in this track. The depth of the song combines so well with the instrumental layers.

Neroli’s catalogue is so strong that it’s worth just listening back to a few of the other releases and finding out about some of the more humble artists who are shaping the electronic music landscape.'


Matt J

Linkwood commissions four welcome remixes of songs from his beautiful album released earlier this year, spread over two separate releases for your 45rpm listening pleasure. ‘Love Lost’ was my personal highlight from the LP and Nummer’s remix is accordingly true to the original – the hardware-headed duo leaves its dreamy pads intact while increasing the tempo and energy with some driving percussion. Ghosts of the Sky follow a remarkably similar approach to taking on ‘Object’, pushing the paranoid flanged stabs from the original to the background and again letting percussion propel the remix.

Healing Force Project takes the opposite approach, completely flipping ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ into an amazing free jazz workout. Area then closes out by offering his take on ‘Love Lost’. The Kimochi Sound boss adds a reverbed funk bassline and a smattering of fx to coax out one of his signature deep epics. With a Healing Force Project solo release confirmed for next year, we hope the quality of these remixes further inspire Firecracker Recordings to expand their family as they continue to hone their doleful romantic sound.


Ben C

'Phantasy' is from Deejay Astral's debut EP under his new moniker. Previously known as Palace, a YO favourite (check out our 'Ones to Watch feature on Palace from 2014 HERE) who has released on Unknown to Unknown, Hot Haus & most recently on Waze & Odyssey's club focused label Street Tracks. The London based producer stands out with his simple, rugged sound and he delivers with suitably stylish vocals. The whole EP is a great release, this being my pick- keep a close eye on Deejay Astral's movements in 2016...



Kaffe Crème the Frenchman from Lyon is relatively unknown to most people but his productions prove he’s going places after listening to his latest EP. The A1 Kapo Choc gives off that tasteful jazz influenced vibe you could kick back at home to but something makes me want to hear this in a club environment. The bass is warm and uplifting and with the combination of the monotonous saxophone and the dazzling flute solo riding over the top I feel it would be perfect for that last track of the night, bring everyone together kind of situation. Nothing but a stormer from Kaffe Crème, looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for young musician.