One To Watch :: Palace

"I like to keep things minimal and raw but create as much energy as I can." - Palace

Palace sprung to our attention late last year when we were blown away by his track 'Way I Feel About You'. The simplicity of the track creates a unique listening experience which reinforces the flair behind this fine piece; the best bit is, this is the case for all his tracks! It is some achievement being able to construct flowing 'stripped back' rhythms and still produce an array of groovy tunes that are sure to get your limbs going.

Palace was taken under the wing by the highly regarded DJ Haus and is signed to his labels Unknown to the Unknown and Hot Haus. Since his first release in 2012 things have gone from strength to strength with some stonking releases last year that put Palace into the limelight.

It's safe to say Palace does experiment with his minimal riffs. From the heavy darkness of 'Astral' to the uplifting vocals in 'Touch Me' he certainly doesn't shy away at dabbling in all sorts. His originality and fine tuned skill at being able to twist and turn basic sounds really makes him standout to us, and for sure be one to watch this year!

We are lucky enough to have an exclusive upload of one of his unreleased tracks. Lend an ear:

Hear from the man himself when we got in touch:


How long have you been producing music?

'I've been producing music properly since late 2008 / early 09, but i've always been in bands, played instruments or been into making music as a hobby since i was about 13.'


In terms of label releases and upcoming tracks, what's the next big thing that we can look forward to?

'So far this year i have 2 12" vinyl EP's planned for release, I can't say much more at the moment as nothing is confirmed but hopefully i'd like to have some more releases sorted by the end of the year! '


Whats next for you in the near future?

'I've been collaborating recently with a good friend of mine on a small live jam techno, almost tribal, side project. Its a lot different to my solo music but its been fun. I've also been doing the label artwork for my friends label "Resin". Definitely one to watch for this year!'


Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

'In 5 years I see myself working still on music, DJing and just doing my own thing whatever that maybe. I'm not much of a planner, I just like to let things happen.'


Your current favourite 5 songs?