Record of the Week: HNNY - Good (Studio Barnhus)

Record Of The Week is a new, weekly feature for YoungOnes. From now on it will be posted on Thursdays in order to allow you to get your ears wrapped around it over the weekend. 


HNNY – Good (Studio Barnhus 030)

HNNY’s had a busy year so far, releasing three very different records on three different labels. Some would have said that the Omena 7” was slightly disappointing in comparison to the ‘Solsidan/Alby’ release on Let’s Play House, which included a stunning remix from Berlin’s Avalon Emerson.

However, HNNY returns after a four-year absence from his first label, Studio Barnhus, with a three-track EP that will soundtrack the rest of your summer. Simple samba beats allow melodies and samples to drift in and out of all three tracks seamlessly. Caypio seems to be designed not only for those summer afternoons but also packs enough of a Balearic punch for the dancefloor.

The title track, Good, again straddles the margins of where this record should be played. Good’s deep house grooves are filtered out until HNNY introduces a signature punchy vocal, after which the track springs back to life.

The ten-minute B2, Kitigai, continues the EP’s easy listening and approachable sound, but is perhaps more tailored for a club environment. It might have been nice to have a remix somewhere in there but all in all, the Swede has been hard at work this year, crafting two brilliant records for two brilliant labels.




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Words by Matthew Barnett