Record of the Week: Phenomenal Handclap Band - Judge Not (Ray Mang Mixes) [Toy Tonics]

Gospelhouse from heaven! Yes - this is a very special record: NYC‘s Phenomenal Handclap Band meets YO favourite Ray Mang - the psychedelic soul disciples meet the disco champ by way of remix.

Ray Mang is a hero to fans of underground disco: remixer, collector, producer, DJ - he is part of that magic circle of London DJ connoisseurs around DJ Harvey. He has the magic disco touch and has applied it with great effect to PHB’s ‘Judge Not’. Since we heard what we now know as the ‘Special Mix’ in Ray’s set with Bill Brewster in August last year we have been pestering him about this release and finally the time has come! Certainly worth the wait, on top of the sensational ‘Special Mix’ are four other versions by Ray which are all brilliant too. If only we were on the dancefloor at Pikes in Ibiza when DJ Harvey recently played this record!

The four-track remix EP is the first of the three-part series which PHB are putting out with a different producer behind each one!

Listen to the full release.

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Words: Ben