Premiere: Thomas Hessler - Senses [IMF]

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Marcel Fengler’s IMF label is putting out a three-part compilation this month to celebrate their tenth release. A project that has taken almost two years to complete, it will feature artists new and old to the label including Shed, Luke Slater, Scuba, Arthur Robert and AVION.  Across 18 tracks, Fengler has said the project hopes to showcase the eclectic nature of the label and the full range of music its artists have produced.

Long-time label collaborator Thomas Hessler features heavily across the compilation producing an original track, providing Luke Slater with the means for a remix and putting together a mix using the entire compilation which will be released with the final product. However, Hessler’s involvement with IMF goes far deeper than that and his relationship with Fengler is a crucial part of the label.

As well as being kind enough to send us over his track, the melancholic, euphoric and funky ‘Senses’, to premiere, Hessler was kind enough to answer some of our questions and give us a greater insight into the compilation as a whole.


What is it that has drawn you and Marcel together into such a close working relationship?

First of all the appreciation for music and not having any fear to enter new territories when it comes down to sound. We can talk about more than just records or production techniques and became good friends that value each other’s opinions.

How is this reflected in IMF and more specifically IMF10?

IMF is a very diverse label and you can hear that especially on IMF10. Dark, funky, melodic but also more experimental stuff can be found on the label’s back catalogue. It all makes sense together and in my eyes the output always has this special spiciness a track needs to be timeless.

The project took almost two years and features a significant amount of material, why do you think it was so important to Marcel and the label?

I think if you run a small label with a clear vision you wanna do it right. For the label to be at the point to release its 10th release is special. The label is like a baby for him and when you do most of the work on your own it takes time, especially if you wanna showcase such a great amount of talented artists. In the end its all about patience, passion and love for the music.

Where do you think your track 'Senses' fits into the compilation?

I wanted to make a ‘closing’ track. Normally I don’t follow concepts when I write music but this time I knew where I wanted go with this. In my eyes the track perfectly showcases some of the most important aspects the label stands for. It’s melancholic yet energetic and funky yet experimental - especially towards the end of the track.

What was your wider involvement in IMF10?

We often exchange ideas, talk about fresh artists and what could be next. In the case of the compilation I suggested to get some remixers on board for some of the IMF ‘classics’. I was especially honoured and proud that Luke Slater touched one of my tracks.

Curating a mix for the compilation must have been a special responsibility, how did you approach the task?

Yes it was humbling but I also had a lot of fun because I love those tracks. Like I always do I tried to keep the energy level as high as possible with those cuts and tell my story. I enjoyed the ride and I hope people can feel that.

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