Record of the Week: Nicola Cruz - Inversions [Multi Culti]

Nicola Cruz returns to Canada’s Multi Culti with 'Inversions', a 5 track EP featuring one original and remixes from his album Cantos De Vision. The French-born, Ecuadorian based producer clearly takes inspiration from his surroundings- manipulating Latin American sounds and afro percussion, re-working them for the dancefloor. This remix series takes that theme and expands on it going deeper, more leftfield and transforming Cruz’s original percussions into deep, chugging late-night hits.

Cruz and Uji’s title track 'Inversions' opens the EP and sets the tone for the following four tracks as it bounces along flirting with the industrial and playing with the melodic- it’s hypnotic. The following two tracks are both reworks of 'Espiritu de Proteccion' which is a clever move, both the Bawrut and Breaks remix take the track to different points of logical conclusion. Indeed, Bawrut takes the trippier elements of the original and elongates them over 8 minutes combining them with clattering percussion and a driving bassline. While the Breaks remix is more percussive, teasing the woodwind of the original and diving headfirst into the acidic.

The final two tracks 'Tzantza' (Matanza Remix) and 'Mantis' (Cain Remix) are equally strong and close the EP on a lighter, more ambient note and a nod to Cruz. So often remix EP's end up being made up of tracks that end up being a slightly reminiscent, poor imitation of the original, but 'Inversions' is an exception with the originals expanded on and made completely new.

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Words: Hugo