Premiere: Loure - Club Shade [13th Hour Records]

13th Hour Records are concluding 2018 with their third release. The record is full of sultry, jazzy goodness produced by Felipe Gordon and Loure. Both artists have a loyal following and have produced some incredible records on labels such as Toy Tonics and Noir & Blanche. 

Wrapping up this EP is ‘Club Shade’ by the very talented Thomas Guida a.k.a Loure. This 22-year-old Melbourne based producer opened up his last year with arguably one of the best jazz influenced deep house releases of the year. The serenity of tempo, the multitude of soft hi-hats and hazy vocals are spell binding. Guida follows on from his previous success with ‘Club Shade’. The track does draw many similarities from ‘Westside Movements’, however this track has a punchier club ready feel to it. The track is orchestrated by the sample used throughout. It reminds me of Cheaper Shephard’s track, ‘Fiat 500’ with that undeniable vocal driven groove. It induces a wonderful daydream that transports you back to New York in the late 80’s, making you feel like Eazy-E cruising in a 64 Chevrolet Impala through Compton.

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Words: Max