RECORD OF THE WEEK: Lordamercy & Dego - Green Woods [2000Black]

Adding to their already awesome catalogue of releases, 2000Black have returned this month with yet another very tasty EP. For this release Matt Lord aka Lordamercy has teamed up with the legend and label henchman that is Dego, putting together a crafty little number of soulful, broken beat, house groovers. 

The duo have maintained that unmistakeable 2000Black sound whilst captivating you with complex layers of harmonies and relaxed rhythms allowing the music to morph naturally into something you can’t really define. The A-side ‘Green Woods’ has a full flavoured organic feel to it with gentle guitar riffs, warm piano and synth phrases and simple blips of afro percussion that allow you to sit back and recline into the track. The B-side being made up from a pair of slightly more up-beat disco fuelled jams that get more than just your feet tapping.

The musicality of this dynamite duo have blended a magical fusion of influences, crafting a sound that you can’t quite put your finger on. Each track is colourful, vibrant and filled to the brim with groove- without a doubt another killer release from 2000Black.  


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Words by Brook P