Old 'n' Gold: Jan Jelinek - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records [Faitiche]

After sixteen years of quiescence, Jan Jelinek’s Loop Finding Jazz Records receives a well overdue repress on his own imprint, Faitiche.  The record was originally released in 2001 and was the seventh release on Stefan Betke’s iconic but unfortunately obsolete label, ~scape.  During the record’s repress hiatus, the prices for this masterful piece of production soared to outrages heights.  Now not only can vinyl collectors buy this record without breaking the bank, we can also metaphorically raise our middle finger to all the Discogs wolves that originally inflated the price of this much loved release.

Jelinek is a multi-talented musician and producer.  He is somewhat of a mysterious character due to his numerous aliases.  Farben is one of his best-known pseudonyms.  He uses Farben when he performs live sets.  Gamm is another name he produces under, where he treats us to electrifying minimal electronica.  

Jelinek creates sounds with utmost care and sensuality.  This LP is a beautifully crafted cerebral dream that leaves you blown away by its intricate splendour.  The way in which Jelinek invests his attention to the formation of textures is truly impressive, from his smooth hazy loops to the sharp static sounds.  Unsurprisingly due to its ambient house feel the album still sounds fresh today.  The third track on the record, “They, Them”, has a soothing xylophone and a weird yet satisfying brittle layer that leaves you in blissful tranquillity.  “Tendency” follows a similar house rhythm to “They, Them”.  The droning and complimentary rippling effect he introduces demonstrates the relevance and inspiration his style has had on today’s minimal house producers.  What ties the ribbon on this iconic record is “Drift”.  This track reveals the abstract side of Jelinek.  It’s one of the stranger tracks on the album, with its hauntingly absorbing rhythm and squelchy synth work.  The individuality and sheer ingenuity of the album shows why Loop Finding Jazz Records has been an significant influence to many artists. 

This LP is perfect for home listening on a slow Sunday after a heavy weekend and a must have for any vinyl collector. 

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Words by Max J