RECORD OF THE WEEK: Till Von Sein – Puntarenas [Suol Records]

Till Von Sein is back and comes armed with his ‘Forever’ EP which was released on Suol Records on the 13th January. This EP is a groovy yet subtly intelligent double-sided record.  After spending many years in the music scene, releasing many successful tracks and collaborating with numerous artists it would seem too easy for anyone to fall into the ego trap and therefore lose enthusiasm for the craft. However Von Sein does not fall into this category. His thirst for creating something inimitable every time really shows with his recent release. In his latest interview for Deep House Amsterdam he perfectly describes his new release stating, “I’ve been working on this EP since summer and to me it has a solid throwback vibe, back to when there were records with four dope tracks on…I always loved buying a diverse 12 inch with more than just that typical A side banger, so this was my goal behind this EP. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.” 

The other three tracks on the record have a stunning groovy techy vibe but ‘Puntarenas’ is the one that magnetised the ears. The track is deep and sensual. The saxophone is the pièce de résistance, it seeks to gently take you adrift and light up the world around you. Its one of those tunes that provides nostalgia from all the festivals in the summer you attended. Make sure to grab yourself a copy!


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Words by Max J