Label Heat: Timedance

Timedance is 2 years and 12 releases old, and is perched on the precipice of blowing up. The Bristol based label is headed up by Dj and Producer Batu, whose exceptional talent and keen ear for genius have seen the label accumulate an excellent set of producers and host label nights with Objekt, Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, and Skee Mask at the Pickle Factory, Corsica Studios and OHM Berlin.

The influence of Bristol’s music scene can be clearly heard in Timedance’s truly original sound, which could be described as a hybrid between industrial techno and dubstep. Listening back through their discography is a love letter to bass music. From the deep, tribal sounds of Ploy’s ‘Ironlungs’ through Bruce’s startlingly frenetic ‘I’m Alright Mate / Post Rave Wrestle’, to Batu’s minimal and ethereal ‘Murmur’, the label has built a staggeringly strong and varied catalogue of music in such a short space of time. It is comfortably carving out its own space within UK techno and bass music, and would be well within its depth conquering the hedonistic European club and festival scene.

Timedance’s dark and mechanical sound is not for the faint hearted. Dip your toe into ‘Remixes-1’ and ‘Remixes-2’, releases from earlier this year, which invited some of the label’s favourite artists to remix previous Timedance tracks. If this takes your fancy, then allow yourself to tumble into the Timedance rabbit hole- you will not be disappointed.


Words by Dora T