RECORD OF THE WEEK: Fouk - Butterfunk EP [Outplay]

Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman are credited producers and DJs in their own right. Childhood friends, the Dutchmen decided to join forces to make the delightful combination of Fouk. This came after years of spending time in the studio together since the age of 15, as well as their shared appreciation and deep commitment to funk music, old and new.

Signed to Heist Recordings in 2015 after their recognition from Detroit Swindle, the duo have affirmed themselves on the scene with tracks that gained rapid popularity; ‘Kill Frenzy’, ‘Gruff’ and ‘Heavy On The Bacon’ to name a few. They have released their music through a variety of labels such as Room With A View, Heist, Razor-N-Tape, as well as their very own, Outplay, which has sponsored their most recent release, ‘Butterfunk’ EP. I would imagine that this record was coined at Han’s parents summer house on the Dutch coast where they have set up a pop-up studio and claim to be their most creative.

The 'Butterfunk' EP is brilliant, and has something for everyone. It’s a four-track EP loaded with contagious dance floor funk. For a change they have strayed away from their usual style of heavy sampling and focussed more on original instrumentation and production. The stand out track for me is the opener ‘Organ Freeman’, which is just pure feel good. As a closing track ‘Winter’ winds the whole production down in a very calming manner. All in all, definitely worth picking this record up as it possesses both tracks for the dance floor and the bedroom.


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Words by Alex M