RECORD OF THE WEEK: Khruangbin - Maria También [Late Night Tales]

The mysterious and highly respected, Khruangbin are a band lead by Laura Lee (Bass), Mark Speer (Guitar) and DJ (drums).  All three members derive from Space City in Houston. However, the band was formed in a small town called Burton, west of Houston, with a population of just three-hundred! In an interview with Ransom Note they divulge the meaning behind calling themselves Khruangbin. Khuruangbin is commonly known as an airplane but the literal translation from Thai to English is “engine fly”.  The motive for the name is their way of paying respects to Thai rock/funk culture, which inspired the band’s production.  Laura goes on to explain that airplane is a representation of the multitude of cultures that shape their sound. 

Their first LP in 2015, The Universe Smiles Upon You, was inspired by 60s/70s Thai cassettes alongside their unique soul, psychedelic trademark sound. Their new material is again enthused by South-East Asia, but they are introducing elements of funk and soul from parts of the Mediterranean but with a primary focus on sounds from Iran. Ahead of this highly anticipated record, the Texas trio have released, ‘Maria También’. The new track is as an amuse bouche ahead of the upcoming second album, Con Todo El Mundo which will be on the shelves from January next year. This track comes with a video about the lives of woman before the revolution in 1979 and features many artists who have been silenced and suppressed since the revolution happened. 

Soon after the release of the second album expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more from this fascinating collective. They are due to be touring the UK from February, with shows in London, Brighton, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester. 


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Words by Max J