Cam Bianchetti, a man from down under, has been rejigging, reworking, editing and remixing his way to disco royalty over many years under the moniker Late Nite Tuff Guy (LNTG). Cam – to the envy of many producers – has the near unparalleled ability to take a track, keep its core elements, and reinvent it in a way that brings out the “galactic groove train” hidden beneath. The Himalayan Pink Salt of the rework business, Cam’s ear for sound, his skill as a producer, and his ability to enhance an artist’s original has seen him remix across the music spectrum, disco-fying soul, techno-fying funk and destroying dance floors in his wake. 

His latest work – an oozingly groovy rework of Chaka Khan’s “What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me” – is no different. From the artist of “Ain’t Nobody”, Chaka Khan’s career has spanned five decades, and Cam’s rework is an opus to the success she has had. Building on the foundations of the track, Cam adds a chugging jungle drumbeat, the type that saw his “Bless The Rains” rework catapult to stardom. Building the track, he introduces some signature LNTG disco synth and orchestral goodness. In the final breakdown, Cam’s sweeping, melodic sax synth gives the song a fitting end. 

The result? Another pearl from the man many call the “disco vigilante”.


Words by Nick D