MIX OF THE MOMENT: RA.530 Motor City Drum Ensemble vs Jeremy Underground

An MCDE b2b Jeremy Underground set is always a treat, but over 8 hours of it, now that's special! After their heroics closing Dimensions last summer I had high expectations of this mix and it's fair to say it didn't disappoint. 

This is two true selectors at their very best; in typical fashion swinging from disco, to 80's 4x4 house, to Detroit techno all with the occasional touch of African and Latin American influences and typically upholding a feel good vibe throughout. Classics such as 'Over and Over' by Sylvester, 'Shoes of Joe' by Moodyman, 'My People' by Dwayne Jensen and the newly acclaimed Laurence Guy feature throughout. However, the highlight for me has to be 'If Only' by German, Leim, this track Underground said was the best house record produced last year!

You know you're a crate digger when you provide 8 hours worth of glory, and even the most knowledgeable of enthusiasts wouldn't be able to recognise half of the tracks in here. Download the mix, treat yourself and listen to the whole thing, it's magic...

Words by Nick C