Talking production with PBR Streetgang


Can you talk us through how you go about making your music - what is the creative process and what hardware/software do you use to make it on?

Well we make music on a combination of hardware and software, but everything gets recorded into Ableton. I have a a small collection of synths classic stuff like a Juno 106, old stuff like a JEN SX1000 and new stuff like the bass station. Also a couple of out board compressors and effects units.

When it comes to the creative process its different every time, we tend to approach things from the start of the idea , be it a bassline, drum pattern, a sample, or something more abstract. But however it evolves a lot of the time the medium used to get ideas down is through Ableton push. Its has really sped up my workflow on the creative side of things. 

Do you have a particular piece of kit in the studio you couldn’t do without?

Well the Mac really .. as unsexy and dull as it is its the truth .. I have a greater fondness for for my synths and my outboard gear but, if it came down to it Ableton or Logic and a Mac and I'd still be able to make music..  

Being a duo do you produce your music 50/50 together or is one of you more the DJ and the other more the producer for PBR?

We both started out as DJ’s decades ago and thats how we met, so thats always been a 50/50 thing. 
In the studio I guess I’m more hands on and more of technical person too, but the creative process is a 50/50 thing, or else it wouldn’t work, we have to put in as much effort as each other.  

Any productions you can talk about coming up over the rest of the year?

Yes we have our first EP for Crosstown Rebels coming out on September 23rd, with an amazing remix from I:cube. 
Also some limited vinyl only pressings of some weird and wonderful stuff in October .. I can’t say any more about that or they’ll kill me, just be on the lookout for them .. 

Words by Ben C