RECORD OF THE WEEK: Shahrokh Sound Of K. - Physiology (Musumeci & Olderic Special Edit) [Compost Records]

This track immediately caught my attention with it’s warm and groovy baseline that is almost verging on a slight hint of chug. With soft instrumental in the background and the tug and string slide of a base guitar the tracks grows and grows subtly with every beat. The keyboard over the top when stripped back could be apart of a movie soundtrack. 

These two Italian DJ’s are both heavyweights on there but as a combo they are quite the partnership. This edit was made along with others all in aid of there black label compost mix, which is an exceptionally constructed mix with plenty more of there own edits thrown in there as well. You may not here this track pon da dancefloor all that much but will no doubt be appearing in many mixes throughout the year. Lets just hope these two stay in partnership and keep on pushing dance music forward in a mature and educated fashion. 


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Words by Barney