RECORD OF THE WEEK: Andrés - Mighty Tribe [La Vida]

Three perfect house cuts from Andrés AKA, DJ Dez. The Detroit man's hip-hop background shines through in his fourth EP on La Vida, which focuses on sample-based music.

Andrés packs in some big basslines and dusty drums which, in this EP, transports you to downtown somewhere.

The title track couldn't be more on the money, a rising and falling piano makes the bones of the melody with vocal stabs spotted around the track too.

'Chevy Status' does exactly what it says on the tin - more mid-tempo than the other tracks but just as funked up.

The B2, 'Plucked Up' will surely be one of those early-evening weapons that brings the dancers around. Andrés again shows his aptitude for arrangement and again, elements of his hip-hop roots emerge throughout this song.

This is a great addition to La Vida's catalogue - timeless and sophisticated dance music done by a true legend.


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Words Matt B