One of my favourite labels of the moment Keinemusik churn out yet another success, this time from their own Rampa. Based in Berlin the collection of &ME, Adam Port, David Mayer, Reznik and Rampa have been taking over dance floors all around the world with their unique African Berlin, jazzy house sound. Check out their back catalogue to understand what I mean by ‘African Berlin’. It has elements from both utilising the individuality of their own artistic brand taking what’s popular at the moment but making it theirs, and killing it.

Structured in a very classical way ‘Trust’ is one of those chugging house tunes  that drops in spectacular fashion that mixed well can be one of those peak time hits that get the crowd gasping. You know the one I’m talking about, one of those moments when the DJ excels your expectation and you declare it ‘one of the best nights you’ve ever been to’. Reminiscent of &ME’s ‘Trilogy’ EP and with a similar aesthetic, ‘Trust’ is groovy dance music with intelligent soundscapes perfect for that cinematic experience. Check out the moody percussion set in ‘Defiled’. I highly recommend Keinemusik’s party at Funkhaus next week, which is sure to be more than just your average clubbing experience.


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Words by Ben S