So far this April, one record seems to have taken the limelight within the techno/house category, selling out within a couple days and with Discogs sellers going crazy putting it at 29 pounds in the same week! One of 2015’s most popular new labels, Berlin-based Acting Press hits the mark once again with an absolute stellar release from another of the label’s groups, Globex. This moniker is made up of Vancouver’s finest, Hashman DeeJay, along with BCR’s resident, PLO Man and C3dee, who have both previously released under the label’s additional groups. 

PLO Man and Hashman go in on the A side with a pulsing ambient house number. Opening up with dreamy synth lines, the track’s set to entice from the start. Detroit-esque keys run throughout. Soft pads compliment the melodic atmosphere, whilst a slack kick drum retains the dancefloor functionality. Layering of scratchy high hats, gentile percussion and distressed vocals keeps the track raw amidst the ethereal aesthetic. The trip is drawn out with distortion under the sounds of melodic synths. In all, distinctive ambient lulls complemented with mid-tempo groove will no doubt make this perfect summer garden party opener.

On the flip, PLO Man and C3dee take things up a notch with a higher tempo, clubby venture. Jacking kick drums have you moving from the start. An audacious, bouncy bass line affirms the track’s initial direction, whilst intriguing hypnotic lulls set the track’s trippy aesthetic. Claps round off the tracks build up. The entrance of bubbley cosmic synths twist over the driving rhythm, picked up by sizzling high hats. The 3:10 marks a reset with a hyper cosmic breakdown, where cordial bass gives way to the mesmerizing synths. Heads are sure to be set nodding when the rhythm’s taken up again with a timely entrance of the kickdrum that sends the track into its conclusion. Tailing off with more celestial melody, trippy sounds and echoey vocals, this track complements the enigmatic sounds of the A side.


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Words by Fred