RECORD OF THE WEEK: Calibre - AMEN TUNE FEAT. DJ MARKY [Signature Recordings]

Yet another masterpiece pulled from the depths of Calibre’s hard drive, 'Amen Tune’ is part of the 'Shelflife' series. The Shelflife albums are landmark items for DnB fans, with Calibre every few years bringing out a compilation of unreleased tracks that would otherwise be sitting, gathering dust on the….(get it?) Shellfire 4 was released in early 2016, and ‘Amen Tune’ is one track we are very grateful Calibre was able to give us the keys. Once relegated to the backs of his extensive record crates, Dominic Martin (Calibre) clearly had a change of heart, and the results are breathtaking. The work of two masters combining (the track features the Brazilian maestro DJ Marky), the crescendo of the piano riffs and the drum beat builds eclectically, with Calibre bringing in his customary shuffling snare beat along the way. The combination of all the elements is sumptuous, with the vocals giving the added bonus of a second melody to a track that really doesn’t need one in the first place. Martin even painted the artwork himself, which begs the question - what can’t this guy do?

4.0 / 5

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Words by Tom