Blip Discs only has two prior releases to date, the first was from O’Flynn who cut the grooves for this release, the second was by label owner, Tom Blip. Small but so far mighty, Blip Discs incorporates different sounds, textures, genres, feelings into its releases. The tracks can start with obscure drum beats or samples and end up developing into a peak time dancefloor screamer. It’s a label for proper heads, the music constantly challenges the listener; if deployed at the right time in the right hands, Blip Discs’ discography can make a night. It’s no wonder that the label chose to cut another one from O’Flynn therefore.

The A-side, ‘Oberyn’ takes on similar sounds to that of Blip Discs’ second release. The crunching bassline lays the foundation underneath  a seemingly never ending conga workout. All sorts of other jungle sounds play huge part in the piece too. The layers of the track build and build until, in the last minute of the track, all elements of the track are deployed in full effect. 


On the flip, O’Flynn explores a completely different sound altogether. Low-slung, jazz-influenced tones ricochet off and around the 4/4 beat. Vocal samples play a part, and again those jungle sounds sneak their way in amongst everything else. A saxophone warms itself against the drone towards the end. This track oozes class, sophistication, and originality. 


Words by Matthew Barnett

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