RECORD OF THE WEEK: Etbonz - BAH032 [Bahnsteig23]

For owner Ziggy Sternenstaub it has been a year of hard work at Bahnsteig23 HQ. There is no particular genre; in a recent interview Ziggy describing the sound ‘Marching together’. But it’s a German affair of cold wave, cosmic, krautrock and leftfield groovers that have built Bahnsteig 23’s pedestal away from the crowd. Ziggy can finally put his feet up in time for the New Year with their latest single sided release ‘Cambodian Dream’ by Portland’s Elliot Thomas otherwise known as Etbonz. Etbonz has a really interesting blend between cosmic and organic sounds – post-trump neo-garage? Genre’s seem to be getting more ridiculous names and its because guys (and girls) like Etbonz keep creating these different sounds. In 'Cambodian Dream' he takes his xylophone for a serious ride maintaining a slow tempo and keeping it in space. A real treat in time for the festive season. 


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Words by Jack