MIX OF THE MOMENT: Static Discos Dimension Series with Bake

Over the last three years Mexican label, Static Discos has been delivering an enchanting series of mixes from renowned selectors such as Ital, STL, Intergalatic Gary and Shawn O’Sullivan – all of them fitting with the label’s less-conventional sonic explorations. Curator of the Dimension Mix series, Oscar González aims to expand the perception of what electronic music can be with insights from all corners of the globe – and this is exactly what’s achieved in Bake’s December mix.  

Composed of tantalising experimental obscurity and luscious ambient bliss, this mix is nothing short of effective meditative immersion. Nicely balanced between the weird, the emotive and the serene, Bake has curated an exonerating mix that remains curiously captivating and expressively sentimental. 

Bake has risen as a cult hero over the last few years, having successfully gained his Glasgow based label, All Caps esteem as one of the UK’s most exciting labels-to-watch. He frequently exhibits his DJ skills on Rinse FM where he started out as a guest on the Hessle audio show. 

Get to know more of Bake in his interview with The Ransom Note here; and discover more of the Dimension Series here.

Words by Fred