RECORD OF THE WEEK: Anna - Systems Breaking Down [Be With Records]

Up this week in pure Halloween style is a mysterious re-issue from Be With Records. I say Halloween style because this record is a truly creepy record that gets inside of you and crawls around chilling you to the core. With the re-emergence of 80s snyth music in contemporary horror pop culture, from Netflix phenomenon ‘Stranger Things’ to David Robert Mitchell’s haunting film ‘It Follows’ it is no wonder you relate this sort of slow synth led music with the ghosts and ghouls of the long and narrow corridor.

Remarkably first released in 1982 by Sony sub label RCA, little known Anna produced a track of enormous future vision. Now nearly 35 years later we hear it again with fresh ears and it is delicious. The dance cut weaves brilliantly through with layers of cosmic sounding flip flop disco and effortless arpeggios that resonate with contemporary basement disco. I could imagine crate diggers, the likes of Harvey and Weatherall, owning the original cut released all those years ago. It is the original mix though that will strike a chord with this new frustrated generation of social media zombies. In true Halloween style the downbeat, counselling but fairly humorous lyrics along with the over dramatic, over extended ending will reach out to darker side of your soul, and without realising, with guilt in your eyes, you will find a small smile on your face.


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Words by Ben S