RECORD OF THE WEEK: Arnold Steiner - Mood Sequence [Metroplex]

Electro is currently in the midst of a resurgence, with the likes of DJ Stingray and Helena Hauff gaining greater prominence through their furiously compelling sets, and labels such as Frustrated Funk, CPU and Solar One releasing more killer bits from newbies and legends of the scene alike.

Any new release on Metroplex, possibly the most influential Detroit label of them all, is eagerly anticipated and M-043 sees them continue to push things forward and get in on the act of releasing material from producers relatively new to the game.

Electro has always had an ear towards sci-fi and the future (see Metroplex's first ever release in 1985, "No UFOs"). Replete with soaring pads and the vocoder mantra of: "we are the people, that come from out of space", In The End follows this classic subject matter; with a classic sounding track. The two Mood Sequence mixes are eerie yet propulsive - soundtracks for the dancefloor in last night's nightmare. AS1 closes off the 12" with Inertia Collision, a hulking stomper of a track with a killer, goblin-esque bassline.


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Words by Matt J