It was barely a month ago when Ed reviewed Project Pablo's 'I Want To Believe' EP on 1080p, a label from Vancouver who have worked tirelessly over 2015 to build their imprint up to be what it is now.

Last year they put out 29 releases over cassette, 12" and MP3 which shows not only the determination of label head Richard MacFarlane, but also the mass of talent coming from Vancouver and West Canada in general. 

Khotin brought out his first full-length record back in 2014, in the second year of 1080p and now he's back with 'Baikal Acid', making brilliant use of 707 synths to create a dreamy sounding EP. Think Ruf Dug, Gnork and everything Blind Jack's journey. 

The '5am Reflection' dub of 'Recycle, 'Human Voice', and the title track seem to be more aimed at the dancefloor whilst the A2 is a bit more restrained, offering a more ambient approach to its counterpart. 

We can look forward to hearing a lot more from 1080p, Khotin and the artists that are shaping not only the Vancouver scene, but also the international scene this year. 


Words by Matt B

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