RECORD OF THE WEEK: Auden - Hunger (Hotflush)

Auden - Hunger (Hotflush 043)

The mysterious Hotflush alias, Auden, is back with its third EP on the imprint. It was safe to say after Auden's sophisticated debut release in July last year, that this was not a junior in the  producing game. Auden's second release 'Wall to Wall,' reinforced the producer's eclectic musical style.

I was expecting all sorts when it came to listening to this release, and 'Hunger,' the A1, kept that oath. The track crescendos vocally into a hard-hitting bassline, before closing out with quieter violin sounds. 

'Simmer Down' keeps you bouncing up and down, and leaves you wanting more of its wobbly character. It's the kind of track that could light up any dancefloor at any given time. 

The third original 'Sewer System' is more down-tempo than the other tracks. It's use of eerie chords and crackling pulses are certainly interesting, yet don't live up to the tone of the other tracks.

Alan Fitzpatrick's remix of 'Hunger' is, to no surprise, a real winner as the techno titan maintains the fierce approach Auden went for with the original.

Auden is a no-nonsense techno producer following no one's style but its own. 'Hunger' continues to indicate that Auden is not afraid to break boundaries. This is certainly the strongest release to date.


Words by Ben Carey

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